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Who We Are

SoULFUL VIBeZ in the form of EXPRESSION..


We seek to “TAKE a Stand” and "Take our Place.”

By sowing fruitful vibrations within the universe with pre-customized divine potent hand-crafted clothing apparel. Each graphic design is individually handcrafted perfectly with a gift of enlightenment through the form of EXPRESSION…  


We are committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality clothing apparel for a reasonable price.

Guaranteeing Fulfillment within every purchase of our products to each of our customers. Giving our customers satisfaction with a personal fulfillment with every purchase knowing they possess an individualized one-of-a-kind exclusive pre-custom product.

NOT ever/ NEVER will you find!!!

NEVER / NOT ever will you find!!!


Most product’s holding similarities in design but yet 100% different. Customers' visual attentiveness is needed to capture each product's unique design



change. displays a variety of clothing apparel collections suitable for the entire family. Graphic designs are hand-crafted using a variety of different materials intertwined together creating unique soulful masterpieces of expression.


Our mission is to reach individuals and families of all age groups within all communities with efforts to recreate future avenues and to accompany along the journey that will bring forth the essential quality of life to all change.

*Glow in the dark, vibrant colored vinyl, transfer sheet paper, fabric paint, sublimation ink, and much more...   

GOD  bless  all,    (Assalamu Alaykom) تصحبك السلامة  

 Peace  be upon  you ...

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